7 Great DIY Indoor Fall Flower Arrangement Ideas

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7 Great DIY Indoor Fall Flower Arrangement Ideas

One way to brighten a room any time of the year is with flowers. But, fall flowers are special. They make the best arrangements for all the things the fall season brings to life - such as family togetherness, jumping around in fall leaves, and having a creamy and delicious pumpkin pie. We decided to bring you a collection of some of our favorite fall flower decorating ideas. 

7 DIY fall flower arrangement ideas

Where Do Fall Color Schemes Come From 

Have you ever wondered why the colors we choose for fall are reds, oranges, gold, russet, bronze, purples, yellows, and more? That’s because these are the colors of the flowers that bloom in the fall. You can stick to nature to create the best indoor flower arrangements and always hit the mark.

Mason Jars with Stones and Flowers

mason jars arrangement with river rocks and fall wild flower 

Mason Jars – Using Mason jars filled with stones from the river and water, you can add sunflowers, yellow mums, orange carnations and various greenery tied off with some thin rope to add to the rustic look. You can use these as centerpieces or you can make several of them to line up at the back of your buffet.

Source: Virginia Floral Company

 Fresh Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

fresh pumpkin used as a vase for fall flower arrangement

Pumpkin Arrangement – Clean out the inside of a pumpkin to use as a vessel for your flowers. Insert floral foam, then fill with any type of fall flower (real or fake) that you desire, mixed with some greenery, dried leaves, and more. Try to use various heights in your arrangement to give interest.

Source: Life at Cloverhill

 Wooden Box and Wildflowers Arrangement

wooden box with pumpkin and flower fall arrangement

Think Outside the Flower – Instead of using flowers, use a wood or pottery bowl and fill with fall items such as gourds, tiny pumpkins, greenery from outdoors, leaves, and more. This will make a wonderful centerpiece laid across a burlap table runner.

Source: Pinterest

 Wooden Birdhouse Fall Flower Arrangement

old wooden birdhouse re-purposed for fall flower arrangement

Wooden Birdhouse Vase – Use a wooden birdhouse as a vase. Take off the roof and insert floral foam. Then insert different types of flowers into the foam to make a whimsy arrangement of fall flowers that people will notice. This is perfect with dried flowers.

Source: Heavenly Inspirations

Arrange Flowers Around a Wall Mirror

flower arrangement designed around a wall mirror 

Around a Mirror Frame – If you have a mirror in your house, it’s the perfect place for a fall flower arrangement. You can use dried flowers tied with twine, then shaped around the edge of the mirror for added interest and fall colors.

Source: Buck Country Gardens

 Wicker Basket with Fall Pinecones and Leaves

wicker basket arrangement with fall pinecones and greenery

Wicker Basket – Go to the Goodwill and look for old wicker baskets. Insert floral foam, find dried fall flowers, sticks, and pinecones to insert in an attractive arrangement. Think about the various things that grow in the fall and try to find dried versions of this so that the basket is overflowing with fall bounty.

Source: Sunsets Inc.

 Old Cowboy Boots as Flower Arrangement

old cowboy boots as vase for flower arrangement

Old Boots – A whimsical idea for fall flower arrangements is to use a pair of old leather cowboy boots. Clean them up but leave the rustic look, then use floral foam to anchor the arrangement with tall flowers and branches. It’ll make a great entryway rustic flower arrangement.

Source: Pinterest


The best flowers to use are chrysanthemums, dahlias, hydrangeas, sunflowers, sweetgum branches and more. Just look at nature to see what is there. If you need dried flowers and plants, you can dry them yourself, order them online, or go to your local hobby store to find what you need.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you've tried any of these fall decorating ideas or if you have some new fall flower decorating ideas to share.

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