Create 5 Naturally Amazing Home Scents For This Winter

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Create 5 Naturally Amazing Home Scents For This Winter

Summer all year long with 5 natural ways to make your home smell amazing this winter



With the fall coming up, many people decide to close up home and head for the warmer places for their holidays. When they return, the smell of a closed home is musty and unappealing, even unwelcoming – you just long for your house to smell like summer all year long.  Really, the best way to get all the old, musty air out is literally to open up every window in the house and let the clean and fresh air pour in. And if there isn’t a nice fresh breeze outside, turn on the fans and put them near the windows to draw the fresh air in.

 5 natural ways to eliminate winter home odors

A house that doesn’t smell good means you need to get rid of all the culprits, like leftover food in the fridge, kitchen and bathroom drain, musty pillows, damp laundry, dirty garbage disposal, and so on. Another way of keeping your place dust free as well is to declutter because that will help free up the dust and keep your house smelling fresh and nice! Using candles, air sprays, and incense are all good ways to give your house a blast of floral fragrances into your home! Try and see that all the scents you add are complementary to each other; otherwise, too much perfume can also be unappealing. If you are in a hurry, and want to get rid of musty smells quite quickly, then sprinkle some carpet freshener down liberally onto the carpets before giving them a quick vacuum – this can literally make a big difference in just a few minutes. If you don’t have the carpet fresheners on hand, some people sprinkle with baby powder which works well too – just stay away from using it on the darker carpets because it can take a while to vacuum it clean, but it does leave a lovely smell


What are other natural ways of adding some lovely aromas to your home?



  1. You can cook up something delicious

Try baking bread or cookies, what about some banana bread? – Warm, inviting, and delicious.


  1. You can make your own potpourri

It’s so easy; no need to dry up old flowers. All you do is boil a pan of water on the stove and add things in it that smell delicious like cinnamon sticks, orange peels, some cloves, and some essential oils. Mix and match to get your perfect scent and let the steam carry the smell right through the house.

freshen up your home with these simple potpourri ideas

  1. Cotton ball perfume bombs

This might be an old trick, but it sure can make your house smell good. You can soak some cotton balls with your favorite essential oils and tuck them around the house, behind furniture, in the air conditioner panels, in your silk flower arrangements.

  1. Fabric spray

This is a quick and easy way of dispelling nasty smells in the home and you do it with a spray bottle filled with water, some baking soda and your favorite essential oils. Shake it all up and use it as a top fabric refreshing spray!  Rose is great and citrus oil or lemon, all are great.

  1. Decorate your home with fresh evergreen branches.

Not only are they a beautiful picture, but they smell clean and fresh.

 cook up a new home fragrance with a simple simmer pot

Other odors are pretty hard to remove


It is really difficult getting rid of cigarette smoke smells because the smoke smell consists of microparticles that need to be neutralized and destroyed with proper air diffusers and scents to replace the molecules responsible for the bad odors. Pure natural essential oils that have anti-bacterial properties are really good as odor eliminators. In fact, removing smoke odors from your home might require a total cleaning of the house. Here is some help. There are even some companies that offer odor neutralizer solutions that you could try.


Make your own scent-filled jar


Here are some gorgeous scented smelling jar scents for you to make, especially for the holidays, which add a fresh summery smell that you and your guests will love. They are similar to the stove simmer method as mentioned above, and they make your house smell like the holidays all year long. It’s so uplifting to add fragrance to your home in style; to make it a healthy and beautiful place because home is where the heart is after all. 

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