Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

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Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

One of the simplest ways to add a bit of farmhouse flair to your kitchen is with a new farmhouse decor styled island light. These are usually a grouping of between 3 and 6 lights brought together with a combination of rustic wood and metal. They come prewired so it's a matter of removing the old light fixture and connecting the new one in it's place. Keep in mind that some of these fixtures are made of real wood beams and could weigh up to 40 pounds.



farmhouse island lighting options



Depending on your situation, if you're into DIY projects and skilled with working around electricity you can easily install a new light fixture in under an hour. If you are like most people you'll want to buy your new light but then hire an electrician to install it for you.

We did some extensive research and put together some of the most popular farmhouse island light fixtures available on Amazon so you could compare them side by side. If you see any that you'd like to learn more about, we have included a link below them for you to find more information. (see affiliate disclaimer at end of article)



top 10 farmhouse rustic island light fixtures from amazon


So which one speaks to you? Want to learn more about any of these best selling farmhouse island light fixtures? Learn more below.


1.Stained Farmhouse Chandelier | 2. Rustic Wood Beam Island Light | 3. 3 Edison Bulb Wood Chandelier | 4.Farmhouse Mesh Island Light | 5. 5 Light Island Bar Light | 6. 4 Light Farmhouse Bar Light | 7. Rustic Farmhouse Uplighting Island Fixture | 8. Farmhouse 3 Bulb Pulley Light | 9. Metal Drum Light | 10. 5 Bulb Wood Pendant Light



Kitchen lighting can be a great way to alter the feel of the room at an affordable price. The new bulky fixtures create a rustic old world feel and can also create a warmer feel with lighting colors in the evening. As with any decor item you add to your home colors, materials, and finish can have a big impact on your results. So keep these details in mind when searching for the perfect farmhouse island fixture to complete your project.


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