Give Any Room a Finished Look with Accent Décor

Give Any Room a Finished Look with Accent Décor

Often with home interior design, the focus is on the big furniture pieces like the couch, dining table, bed or desk. However, for a room to look finished and pulled together, selecting the right accent pieces is key. Once you have those larger pieces in place, you can then find the perfect clocks, mirrors, wall art, rugs and other accent pieces to tie the space together.


Before you begin, think about the impression you want to make with the room. Do you want a farmhouse feel complete with rustic frames and galvanized metals? Do you prefer a sleek and modern design with golds and pops of color? Or, do you like the traditional look of dark woods and classic features? By understanding your overall style preference, you can more easily choose accent pieces that reflect your style.

 wall clock ideas from barnwood oversized clocks to decorative metal clocks

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You can find the time anywhere from the microwave to your smartphone, but clocks still have a timeless style element that fits into almost any room. For kitchens, clocks work well over a pantry door to reflect the colors and materials of the counters or cabinets. While in the living room, a clock can make a grand statement as a larger accent piece.


For a traditional design, consider adding a wall clock to a dining room or entryway. Pull together a modern home office by incorporating a modern tile clock. If you love the farmhouse style, a reclaimed American barnwood wall clock makes the perfect accent piece for any room in your home.


Use clocks throughout your home to add function and style. From affordable shelf clocks to heirloom wall clocks, select the option that best fits your need and budget.

 decorative room makeover with wall mirrors

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Mirrors offer more than just décor. When strategically located, mirrors can add light and the feel of added space in a room. Mirrors can be elegant, whimsical or rustic. Also, a mirror often offers a more timeless design element than some other trendy wall decorations. For rooms other than the bathroom, stick with one mirror per room.


Mirrors make a great addition to a dining room, especially enclosed dining rooms that may feel smaller. For a modern dining room, a rectangular frameless wall mirror adds dimension and light reflection without sacrificing elegance.


Full length floor mirrors are perfect for every master bedroom. Choose a floor mirror that matches your unique style. From antique ivory to contemporary, full length mirrors are available in a variety of colors and designs.


Mirrors also make a great accent to foyers and entryways. Place the mirror on the wall above a small table to make a big statement. Foyer mirrors add reflected light to the entry and offer the function of a quick glance to make sure you are all set before leaving your house.

 make over any room with decorative wall art

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Wall Art

Wall art styles vary drastically and give your living space a true reflection of your personality. Wall art is a way to transition a space to feel like home. From traditional to impressionist, select wall art that you love and that flows with the overall design of each room.


For the farmhouse style, rustic signs continue to gain popularity. If you love the farmhouse look, you can find rustic signs for any room in your home. Fun signs for bathrooms, laundry rooms and kids’ rooms add whimsy to a space.


Panel framed canvas prints work well over a sofa in the living room or buffet in a dining room. Choose from a variety of options from national parks to your favorite safari animal. Regardless of your preference, you’ll find a print that works for your space.

 decorative room makeover with designer rugs

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Rugs are another accent design feature that adds style and function to any room. Rugs are a great addition to keep your feet warm, offer a soft place to play and help absorb sound.


Add a small rug to a kitchen for a pop of color and a soft place to stand. Most rugs come in a variety of sizes allowing you to match different sizes to different areas of your home. For example, you may choose a smaller rug next to the sink and a larger coordinating rug under the kitchen table.


Rugs are also a great option for bedrooms. This helps protect wood floors or carpet from daily wear and tear. A rug also personalizes a space and allows you to coordinate with other design features without the cost of redoing wood floors or replacing carpet.


Runner rugs work especially well in hallways and entryways to brighten the space and add a design element to a smaller area. Hallways are a great place to play with colors and styles you may want to try out before you commit to a risky choice for a larger area of your home. Have fun designing the small places.

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Coat Racks

Coat racks are often overlooked in lieu of larger entryway pieces. However, coat racks are a great way to add function to an entryway while also adding an accent piece. Coat racks also now come in a variety of styles and materials. If you like the traditional wood coat rack, they are still available. But, you can also choose from metals and diverse wood finishes.


Coat racks also now have fun style elements like tree designs and modern edgy hangers. They also have ornate styles to add even more decorative appeal. When you shop for accent pieces, don’t forget about a coat rack for your foyer or entry.

 create space separation with designer moving screen panels

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Screen Room Dividers

Another often overlooked accent item is a decorate screen divider. Not only are screen dividers functional, especially in small spaces, but they also add beauty and charm to any room. Screen dividers are perfect for apartments. They also work well for bedrooms with closets that don’t have doors. They offer additional privacy.


Screen dividers are available in utilitarian designs and ornate artist patterns. Depending on your style preference, you can find the perfect screen divider to meet your needs. A screen divider also makes a perfect gift for college students looking to add privacy and style to their living space.

 Create a stunning room makeover with simple accent decor elements

Use Accent Pieces to Make a Statement

While the main design focus for a room is usually the big statement pieces, you can still make a statement with accent décor. Select a mix of different accent pieces to round out the space. Mix and match rugs, clocks, wall art and other décor items.


Plus, the accent décor is where you can express yourself and your personal style. Unlike the larger elements of a room, the accent pieces can be more easily moved around to play with your style and the feel of the space.


Have fun with accent décor! It’s the perfect way to give any room a finished look.

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