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LintSavvy: The Portable Powerhouse for Clothes Car

LintSavvy: The Portable Powerhouse for Clothes Car

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- **Power Source:** Rechargeable Battery
- **Brand Name:** XIAOMI
- **Model Number:** MQXJQ01KL
- **Usage Type:** Charging Type
- **Origin:** Mainland China
- **Choice:** Yes
Key Features:
- **Portable and Rechargeable:** The XIAOMI MIJIA Lint Remover is a compact, rechargeable device, ensuring convenience and ease of use for removing lint from clothes and sweaters on the go.
- **Efficient Lint Removal:** Engineered for efficient lint and fluff pellet removal, this device leaves your clothes clean and fresh, maintaining their pristine appearance.
- **Mainland China Origin:** Crafted in Mainland China, the MIJIA Lint Remover boasts top-notch construction and dependable performance, reflecting superior quality and reliability.
- **MIUI Brand:** From the prestigious brand MIUI, this lint remover ensures exceptional usability and dedicated customer service, providing peace of mind with every use.
- **Charging Type Use:** With a charging-type design, this lint remover remains ready for action at all times, reducing the hassle of frequent battery replacements.
- **Home Appliance Category:** As a practical addition to any household, the MIJIA Lint Remover falls under the home appliance category, enhancing the convenience of clothes washing and drying routines.

Elevate your clothing care routine with the XIAOMI MIJIA Lint Remover. Compact, efficient, and reliable, it's the perfect solution for keeping your clothes looking their best with minimal effort. Add it to your cart today and experience the difference!

Mi Lint Remover This time, bid farewell to lint seriously

*Battery life data is sourced from Koala Mama Laboratory.With 1 hour of charging, it can last for 90 minutes.

Every garment deserves careful attention:Refined living, efficient trimming without residue on the garment surface,without damaging the garment itself.

Strong suction power:Cutting cleanly, the exclusive patented double-layer negative pressure centrifugal impeller, combined with a high-torque motor, has strong suction power. The pom poms are quickly sucked in, restoring the vibrant and beautiful look of the garment.
171 mesh holes,Industrial mold with 148 holes180 minutes of battery lifw, Fully charged in 2 hours,Micro-usbScientifically arranged mesh, efficiently trims pom poms of various sizes.

Different styles, each showcasing its own uniqueness:Different clothes reflect different beauty. Regardless of the fabric's material, it can effortlessly bring out the charm of new clothes, allowing you to wear them with a fresh and dignified look, highlighting your most beautiful side.PusH-down switch,Cleaning brush,Storage sharing with window desogn

Instructions for use:

Press switch button "C" to turn the machine on and off

1 Quick pruning method

Place the cutter head cover on your clothes and slide it slightly from side to side. Slide perpendicularly or parallel to the grain of clothing to remove stubborn hairballs. 3. Thin clothes

Make a double layer of hair and place it on a hard surface like an ironing board to trim the hair bulb4. Clothes with protruding decorations should slide around the protruding parts.5. Slide the knitting pattern part along the direction of the pattern.


This product is an electronic product. Please pay attention to the following matters when using it, otherwise it may cause product failure, fire or explosion:1 Please do not hit or bend this product.2. Keep away from fire, high temperatures and humid environment.3. Please do not exposed to the sun for a long time! 4. Please use a regular charging cable for charging,5. Please keep it out of the reach of children, and do not let children use it without supervision6. Please do not allow children to hold this product in their mouths, otherwise, they may cause choking, blockage ofthe esophagus and other injuries due to swallowing parts.if you encounter problems when installing or using this machine, please read the manual first. If you cannot solve theproblem. vou can contact customer service.

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Customer Reviews

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Antonina Kuhn

i'm very impressed, it even looks better than the photos, sweater and pants look like new!

Bertrand Rohan

An excellent employee, pleasant to use, a significant difference between the before after, see in photos .. Easy to operate, taking some time until all the skulls go down, as but it is possible to take it to the type of meditation .. Recommends right, cheap and doing the job!

Doyle Kiehn

Very good workmanship, everything as described, fast shipping with home delivery, I recommend this product

Ernestine Roob

I love it. This leaves my clothes like brand new. Super easy to use.

Velma Okuneva

LintSavvy: The Portable Powerhouse for Clothes Car